EagleLight – about an awesome company

Company Overview

Eagle Light is a leading world provider of environmentally friendly lighting solutions. We are dedicated to offering cutting edge lighting for home and business applications that are good for the planet and competitively priced.
Our goal is make energy efficient lighting easily available for widespread use in a multitude of arenas; leading to enormous energy savings and carbon-emissions reductions. Our core product line is made of solid state lighting, primarily composed of light emitting diode technology (LEDs). This technology uses as little as one tenth the energy in certain applications like some incandescent replacements and can last many times times longer: in some cases over 50 times as long. The Company was founded in 1999. Our mission is to provide sustainable lighting for the world market. The company has adopted a universal technology platform to provide for the needs of this high growth market. We are committed to bringing efficient, reliable lighting to customers around the world. EagleLight is currently focused on expanding to new markets, and developing additional products to satisfy the needs of a broad customer base.

Why are we green? And how do we do our part to help the planet?

These big questions are on the minds and lips of many business leaders and world companies these days. Fortunately there are many, many ways that each of us can help our environment, which will have positive, lasting effects. Since our business has to do with lighting up the world, our main objective was pretty straight forward: Provide people with light bulbs that are better for the environment through greater energy efficiency.
Really if you think about it, it’s about time. The incandescent bulbs has been around since 1850. That’s a LONG TIME. Now, the time has come for the latest and greatest LEDs.
But let’s revisit our old friend the incandescent bulb for a minute. How many times have you changed a burned out light bulb in your lifetime? Fifty times? One hundred times? What did you do with all the old bulbs? If you’re like most people, you simply tossed them into the trash can and forgot about them. The US tosses over 5 million light bulbs away each DAY. That is a lot of land fill.
If you are tossing compact florescent bulbs you are in many cases also tossing out traces of mercury, a known environmental contaminant present in compact florescent lamps. Those discarded CFL bulbs that end up in landfill, are joined by millions more broken, discarded CFL bulbs, and the mercury inside all of them slowly leaches into and poisons the soil and water supplies. Remember in the United States alone we throw 5,000,000 light bulbs away every DAY! Although you have certainly been warned about the ill effects of things like global warming and ozone depletion, perhaps you’ve just learning about the negative impact of mercury in our soil. Maybe no one ever told you. But, now that you know, you should do something about it. At EagleLight, we already are.
We at EagleLight have been working on these issues for years and are pleased to see that in the last several years others are starting to join the fight. We are dedicated to sustainability and only sell environmentally-friendly lighting options.
Our LED lights are energy efficient and economical using just a fraction of the electricity needed to power a conventional bulb – which saves you money on utility bills and helps reduces pollution.
At Eagle Light we’re green for good reason because we want this beautiful planet of ours to be around for countless generations to come. We care deeply about the earth and about your health and safety. While our LED lights may not single handedly save the planet, they do make a sustainable and positive impact on the environment, and that’s what we’re all about.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the latest environmentally conscious lighting products to the world; lighting that is bright, highly energy efficient, safe and friendly to the planet.

Our Vision

We envision a world in balance; where the needs of people are in tune with those of our Earth; where people live in harmony with our planet and take care of each other and our precious natural environment. To this end, we pledge to protect, sustain and be good stewards of the planet’s resources.

Results and Commitments

The answer lies in you. Your carbon offset is about much more than just your carbon footprint (please see information on carbon foot printing). When you offset your footprint you are helping the most promising technologies in the best locations with the best business plans transform the market, so that one day no one will have to pay a premium for responsible energy.