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EagleLight offers a wide range of LED light bulbs that offer the best in energy efficient lighting with quality you can count on. Many of our lights come in various voltages. You can find 12V, [[24V LED lights]:category=led.24v-led-lights], [[110V LED light bulbs]:category=led.110v-led], 240 volt and 277 volt LED lights. For industrial, commercial and [[construction lighting]:category=led.construction-lighting] applications we offer [[LED architectural lighting]:category=led.led-architectural-lighting], [[LED high bay lighting]:category=led.led-high-bay-lighting] and [[LED sign lighting]:category=led.led-sign-lighting]. Our selection of home lighting includes [[chandelier LED lights]:category=led.led-chandelier], [[LED Globes]:category=led.led-globes], and [[LED Picture lights]:category=led.led-picture-light], to name a few. There are many light bulb base types, these include E12, [[E14]:category=led.e14-led-bulb], E26, E27, E40, [[G24]:category=led.g24-led], [[GU24]:category=led.gu24-led] and several others. EagleLight also offers a wide range of [[LED specialty lights]:category=led.led-specialty-lighting] that include [[LED night lights]:category=led.led-night-light_], [[USB LED lights]:category=led.usb-led-light], [[LED panel lights]:category=led.led-panel] and [[LED work lights]:category=led.led-work-light_].
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