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Hello and Welcome to EagleLight’s LED University.

The university is a place where you can get information on the various topics of light, light bulbs, and LEDs.  The electric light bulb was first invented in 1809 by an English chemist, Humphrey Davy. As the world moves from the 200 year old electric light bulb many traditional forms of light bulb description and measurement are experiencing substantial change. The LED university is here to help share the basics of the light bulb and offer insight to help you better understand how to retrofit your less efficient light bulbs to more energy efficient LED lamps. EagleLight wants to ensure your retrofit to energy efficient LED lamps is as successful as possible.
EagleLight’s LED University is here to share info on LED lighting and light bulbs in general.

The following topics are currently available:

  • Bulb Shapes – Naming conventions for various light bulb shapes and sizes: find your light bulb here
  • Base Types – Naming conventions for various light bulb base and socket types : find your base type here
  • Color Temperature – The amount of white, yellow or blue in the light: find the right kelvin to set the mood
  • Beam Angle – Definition of the spot light and flood light in technical terms: narrow or wide beam
  • Brightness and Illumination – How watt and lumen and lux relate to one another: apples and oranges
  • Color Rendering Index – How does a light compare to the sun: when is this important
  • Energy Consumption

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We hope these topics help you better understand the terms used in lighting. If you have suggestions for other topics please send them to support@eaglelight.com. We welcome any ideas on the LED University or our website or products in general. Thanks for visiting EagleLight.com.

Click on any of the below images for a tutorial on that topic:

LED University - Light Bulb Names, Shapes and Sizes
Shapes, Sizes and Naming Conventions
Find the name for your socket and light bulb base type
Sockets and Base types for Light Bulbs